KI Data Tooling project ends with curling, presentations and poster session

The final KI Data Tooling event took place on 5 and 6 December 2023 at BMW Welt in Munich.  The approximately 100 participants on site and many spectators online were given comprehensive insights into the almost four years of research and development work and the most important results of the project.

The aim of the KI Data Tooling research project, which was launched in April 2020 and funded by the BMWK, was to develop methods and tools for generating and processing training, validation and validation data for AI functions of autonomous vehicles. The basis for the successful use of AI-based functions in vehicles is a comprehensive database for different driving situations and with different sensor modalities (camera, radar, lidar). Only with such a database is it possible to successfully train and validate AI functions. The provision of data is associated with numerous challenges. The KI Data Tooling project has successfully mastered these and other challenges. The most important results include the development and research of a complete data solution for the successful and safe use of AI-based functions in vehicles. In addition, the development and investigation of tools and methods for the provision of data from various sensor modalities for AI-based functions.

The final presentation focussed on keynote speeches, expert discussions to shed more light on individual topics and an extensive poster session. A special highlight and a lot of fun for everyone was curling together on the first evening of the event.

The presentations and posters from the final event as well as general information about KI Data Tooling can be found on the website:

EICT coordinated the project in close cooperation with the BMW consortium management and in the interests of the 17 partners involved, supported the exchange and transfer of knowledge and ensured compliance with the funding requirements. In addition, EICT was responsible for internal and external project communication and, last but not least, planned, organised and implemented the final event.

Our contact person: Dr. Thorsten Mahler