Final Event KI Delta Learning heralds project’s end

The funding project KI Delta Learning has provided new research results on scalable AI for automated driving. On March 9 and 10, 2023 the 17 project partners presented the research results of the cooperation project during the final event at the Mercedes-Benz premises in Stuttgart- Vaihingen. Focus was on keynotes, expert talks and poster presentations. The first day targeted the public; the second day was reserved for the members of the KI Familie. More than 100 participants on site and dozens online gained an interesting insight into the more than 3-year lasting project work. Officially, the project will end by the end of April 2023.

So far, automotive AI was trained for limited scenarios only, for instance such as “highway driving during good weather”. In this scenario (domain) KI is safe and reliable. To work in other environments, for instance such as “highway driving during rain”, AI algorithms needed re-training for this new domain, resulting in enormous development costs. The KI Delta Learning project therefore has also investigated new approaches in machine learning enabling a more efficient training of AI modules.

By transferring existing knowledge, the project aimed at learning deltas – meaning different requirements between a familiar domain and a new target domain. Learning deltas helps closing current gaps that limit the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of autonomous vehicles and slow down a broad application of AI in autonomous driving.

Deltas addressed in the project included changes in sensors, different traffic areas – from country roads to complex city traffic, different countries, different daytimes, seasons and weather, long-term traffic changes by new mobility concepts and road users and las but not least ongoing development of AI methods such as better training strategies and more efficient neural networks.

KI Delta Learning is one of four projects (KI Absicherung, KI Delta Learning, KI Wissen und KI Data Tooling) of the KI Familie, initiated and developed by VDA Leitinitiative Connected and Autonomous Driving. Under this roof 80 partners from science and industry are involved receiving funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

All KI Familie projects are cooperating. The partners are sharing knowledge while fostering pre-competitive collaboration which is essential in an ever more competitive and complex environment with fast pace innovations. The joint commitment to share pre-competitive knowledge helps each partner to stay technologically ahead and multiplies resources and investments of each partner.

On behalf of all participating partners, EICT supports the project lead in coordinateing the project, facilitates knowledge exchange and transfer and makes sure, that the funding requirements are met. In addition, EICT accounts for the internal and external project communication and in this context drafted, organized and realized the final event.


Fotos ©Jürgen Biniasch