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Managing Director Tanja Kessel gives lecture at Münchner Kreis workshop

On January 22, the Münchner Kreis’ "Diversity Applied" working group held a virtual workshop on "Corona and Careers - Push or Pullback for Women." About 80 people attended. The workshop explored the Corona-related impact on women's career plans. EICT Managing Director Tanja Kessel was invited to give a presentation on case studies and her experiences from the perspective of running a small company. 

Other managers reported on their observations, some of them very different, and concrete approaches to solving the problem. The reorganization of work and the resulting more flexible work models can certainly offer new professional opportunities for women. However, this always requires a corresponding corporate culture. Overall, the presentations also made it clear that the differences between the sexes in the business world are still very serious in some cases. For example, the loss of childcare options and the resulting increase in care work also lead to women withdrawing or having to withdraw from professional life.

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