L3Pilot research project starts testing in public

In early March 2019, major European automotive manufacturers started testing automated in-vehicle functions on public roads across ten countries in Europe. All told, around 1,000 drivers will be testing automated driving technologies over a period of 18 months.

The first phase of this pilot is a six-month ramp-up to field test the procedures, to gather initial user feedback, and to allow interventions for optimizing execution. All the project sites and the partners specialising in methodology and evaluation have been working together to define the experimental procedures so as to ensure successful evaluation at the end of the project.

All L3Pilot cars are series production vehicles that have been modified by installing a variety of sensors and technical equipment, including data loggers. The approval process for testing these prototype vehicles on public roads had to consider compliance with each country’s laws and regulations, including those concerning data privacy, insurance and cyber security.

Please find here more information about L3Pilot.

EICT contact: Sarah Metzner