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L3Pilot partners present webinars on business models for Automated Driving

Based on business scenarios for Automated Driving (AD) in 2030 developed by L3Pilot partners, the following business models were considered as promising and viable business models for AD in ten years ahead: Robo-Taxi, In-Car Services, Data+ Platform, Maas (Mobility as a Service).

For each business model, L3Pilot partners designed a live-webinar to discuss key questions and challenges. The webinars were also a basis for follow-up discussions in a small group of selected experts.

EICT coordinated the L3Pilot Expert Talks and held the webinar on In-Car Services.

Watch the recorded webinars here:

Live-Webinar Robo-Taxi (→ external link)

Live-Webinar In-Car Services (→ external link)

Live-Webinar Data+ Platform (→ external link)

Live-Webinar Mobility as a Service (→ external link)

Learn here (→ external link) more about the L3Pilot Expert Talks.

Find here (→ external link) the video about the developed business scenarios for AD in the year 2030.

Contact: Anja Beuster