KI Wissen Final Event: Green sauce for EICT

Frankfurt am Main on March 21 and 22, at the House of Logistics and Mobility (Holm) – After two days of intensive programming, the coordinators of the KI Wissen project delighted our colleagues with a basket of Frankfurt specialties. What a pleasure! They thanked EICT for its active support in operational project management, communication of project results, and, notably, the conception and successful execution of the final event.

The KI Wissen project focused on knowledge-based AI and is part of the KI Familie, initiated by the VDA Leitinitiative autonomous and connected driving. The goal of this 36-month project was to integrate existing knowledge into AI systems. The partners adopted a data-centered approach to overcome the limitations of black box models. A key objective was to develop a hybrid AI that combines data- and rule-based knowledge, addressing challenges like limited data generalization and data interference, thereby bridging a technology gap. Four sub-projects addressed these challenges: Knowledge Integration, Knowledge Extraction, Knowledge Conformance, and Enablers, Integration, and Demonstration.

At the final event in Frankfurt, the partners showcased their diverse results related to knowledge conformity methods, both live and online, to 130 participants.

Not only did the EICT colleagues on site enjoy the Frankfurt specialties, but the rest of the EICT team also savored the green sauce with potatoes at the Jour Fixe.

For more information on the project results, click here