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IMAGinE presented project results in Pferdsfeld

IMAGinE-Abschlussveranstaltung auf dem TRIWO-Testcenter Pferdsfeld


On May 19th, 2022, one week after its virtual final presentation, the IMAGinE consortium presented the results of its research workin a face-to-face event. With driving demonstrations and an extensive exhibition, the one-day event focused on the direct experience of the concepts and components for cooperative maneuver coordination developed in IMAGinE. These had been examined in the project based on concrete driving functions and use cases both in simulations as well as in real cars and trucks on country roads and highways. For this purpose,, ten real test vehicles had been equipped and tested at various test sites – including the TRIWO test center in Pferdsfeld in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The driving demonstrations allowed the participants to get their own impression of the practicability of the IMAGinE systems. The IMAGinE functions “Cooperative merging on highways”, “Cooperative strategic traffic distribution” and “Cooperative turning at junctions” were demonstrated alongside the cooperative environment model. In addition, individual partners demonstrated different simulation methods, including Vehicle-in-the-Loop.



In a comprehensive exhibition, all partners presented their work and results by means of posters, presentations and simulations. Here, too, the experience value was not neglected. For example, visitors to the booth of the Technical University of Munich were able to experience intuitive concepts of human-machine interaction for cooperative driving for themselves in a driving simulator.

IMAGinE was a joint project of leading German automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutions and a road operator, led by Opel Automobile GmbH. In total the project budget amounted to 38.2 million euros. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) funded IMAGinE with a total of 17.9 million euros. Since the start of the project in September 2016, the twelve IMAGinE partners had been working onthe development of new, innovative assistance systems for cooperative driving of the future. In May 2022, the IMAGinE consortium partners celebrated a successful project conclusion.

In IMAGinE, EICT took over the administrative and technical project management and acted as a central point for the dissemination of results. In this regard, EICT was responsible for the preparation and dissemination of project results, press relations, the conception and realization of information materials, and the planning, organization, and coordination of project events, such as the final project presentation.

Information on the main project contents and results can be found in the IMAGinE flyer (in German) and the press release on the project completion (in German).

For more information on IMAGinE, please visit: