European large-scale project brings automated driving to the roads

120 experts for automated driving from all over Europe met in Wolfsburg on 13 and 14 September 2017 to bring automated driving functions to European roads. All major European car manufacturers, automotive suppliers and leading researchers have joint their forces in a research project with a volume of around € 70 million to test and evaluate automated driving functions for passenger cars of automation levels 3 and 4 for four years.

Led by Volkswagen AG und funded by the European Union, the project partners demonstrate their commitment to cope with changed and increased mobility requirements. By examining the technologies, the partners are preparing large-scale field trials in series vehicles following the L3Pilot project. The technologies tested cover a wide range of driving situations, including parking, overtaking on highways and driving through urban intersections. The functionality of the automated systems are subject to variable conditions of everyday traffic, with about 100 vehicles and 1,000 drivers.

The tests will provide valuable data for assessing the technical aspects and the overall impact of automated driving on traffic and society. L3Pilot is particularly concerned with the user's perspective, the study of user acceptance and driving behaviour. "We are certain that our systems will be successful if they meet the needs of the user," says project coordinator Aria Etemad from Volkswagen AG. "The systems are designed for the drivers and we will focus on them." Each of the driving systems requires a number of rules for technical development and safety validation. L3Pilot partners define these requirements for automated systems that are captured in a code of practice for automated driving functions.

L3Pilot paves the way for large-scale testing of automated systems in series vehicles in real traffic. The project underlines the leadership role of the European automotive industry in developing a reliable, thoroughly tested and user-friendly technology.

EICT will support the consortium as a project, communication and innovation manager. It is a core concern of the project to demonstrate the functionality of automated driving functions for different target groups and to make the technologies available to them. EICT will initiate and steer a Europe-wide showcase campaign with the respective demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions in different countries.

For questions about the project, please contact sarah.metzner(at)