EICT starts the first half of 2022 with several events

Several project events for which EICT is responsible in the field of project management and dissemination of results are scheduled in the first half of the year.

KI WISSEN Open Project Day, 22.02.2022
On Tuesday 22 February 2022, the KI Wissen project will kick off the series of events. KI Wissen explores methods of incorporating different types of knowledge into machine learning. 
The first Open Project Day will present the results and experiences of the first project year. In discussions and interactive forums, the project partners will show the first steps on the way to a hybrid AI - i.e. an AI that combines traditional data-based methods with knowledge- or rule-based methods. The event is not open to the public, but a review of the event will be posted on the project website afterwards.

VVM Interim Presentation, 15-16.03.2022
KI Wissen will be followed by the mid-term presentation of VVM on 15 and 16 March 2022. VVM plays a key role in demonstrating the safety of automated driving functions. At the mid-term event, first results and new developments within the project will be presented. Detailed insights into the methods, tools and approaches of VVM will be given in various presentations and panel discussions. More information and the link to the registration can be found here.

IMAGinE Final event, 12.05.2022
In a virtual closing event on 12 May 2022, the IMAGinE project will present the results of its several years of research. At the event, the concepts and core results for the development of innovative assistance systems for cooperative driving will be presented.
More information and the link to register will be announced on the IMAGinE project website in due course.

KI Absicherung Final Event & AI Data Tooling Interim Presentation, 23-24.06.2022
A joint event of the two KI Family projects KI Absicherung and KI Data Tooling will take place on 23-24 June 2022 in Berlin and virtually. KI Absicherung will kick off its final event on 23 June presenting its final results to make the safety of AI-based function modules for highly automated driving verifiable. This will be followed on the second day by the interim presentation of KI Data Tooling developing and investigating tools and methods for providing data from various sensor modalities for AI-based functions. Information about these events will be posted on the KI Absicherung and KI Data Tooling project websites.

Our contact person: Dr. Thorsten Mahler

Image source: Unsplash