Taking automated driving to the next level. Hi-Drive flagship project kicked off

On July 7, 2021 Hi-Drive, the EU funded Horizon 2020 project and follow-up project of L3Pilot kicked off to take automated driving from L3 further up towards High Automation. 

How will this be achieved?
Hi-Drive will demonstrate in large-scale trials the robustness and reliability of CAD (Connected Automated Driving) functions in challenging and diverse environments. Hi-Drive will implement technology enablers such as hybrid connectivity, big data or machine learning that support the CAD function in error-prone conditions and remove its fragmented availability at the limits of its Operational Design Domain (ODD), the overlapping conditions an automated vehicle will encounter. This leads to an ODD, where automation can operate for longer periods and across borders and brands. 

The Hi-Drive partners, 40 partners from automotive industry, research institutes and other deployment relevant stakeholders will join forces over a period of four years. They will be supported in project management and dissemination by the team of EICT GmbH that already effectively supported the L3Pilot project.

Contact person: Dr. Hristiyan Stoyanov