combining infrastructures for efficient electric mobility

After 33 months of joint efforts, eCo-FEV partners have designed, developed, prototyped, validated and evaluated an open and flexible architecture for the integration of Fully Electric Vehicles (FEVs) into cooperative infrastructure systems. For this purpose, the consortium combined the expert knowledge and innovative strength of its 13 partners to create an integrated IT platform that acts as a general architecture for the integration of FEVs into different infrastructure systems. It enables precise Electric Vehicle telematic services and charging management services, which are precise and based on reliable real time information. Co-funded by the European Union, the project was carried out within the FP7 Work Programme and drawed on a budget of 4.3 million Euro.

EICT was carrying out the operational management of the project and was part of the core management team. EICT also led the dissemination work package and supervised all activities related to dissemination, exploitation and events. Concerning operational parts EICT created the project identity, realised business modeling tasks and cared for the scientific and conference participation within the technical dissemination. 


Duration: 09.2012 - 05.2015

Partners: 13

Coordinator: HITACHI Europe