Innovation Management

Business Development & Business Modeling

Specialists in business development and business modeling have become increasingly important to technology projects as many innovations are hybrid in nature. While they require cross-sectoral collaboration, their market success depends on offering an integrated solution, and not simply a product or a service.

Deployment strategies have to address the creation of new value networks and of returns on large-scale investments, particularly with regard to ICT infrastructure or in the case of disruptive innovations. EICT contributes to successful deployment by exploring business opportunities, developing business models and analyzing business cases.


A unique tool: Business Game

In July 2014, more than 200 experts met in Berlin to discuss deployment of cooperative systems. The event, organized by EICT, marked the successful completion of the DRIVE C2X project.

The DRIVE C2X business game, developed by EICT based on Osterwalder’s business model canvas, engaged participants in a lively debate on future deployment of cooperative driving and return on investments. Eight teams were asked to develop commercially viable business models for the C2X system, based on selected use cases. With lots of creativity and enthusiasm, the teams competed against each other, developing their own business models and finally pitching their ideas to the audience and a jury. Under a big applause, the winning team, presenting the future service “parking hero”, was awarded.