Unifying Cloud and Carrier Networks

The UNIFY consortium pursues an open innovation environment for telecommunication services leveraging on both networking and cloud resources, similar to mobile application ecosystems. The project creates a platform for users and service providers to develop, build, deploy and even operate their own rich and interconnected services. This is enabled through programmability interfaces and combined with development and operations (DevOps) services. A unified production environment is being developed, enhancing the integration of services and enabling fast, efficient and cost-effective data transfer across networks and data centres.

EICT supports the UNIFY consortium in the administrative project management as well as in dissemination and standardisation activities. Specifically, EICT is responsible for process management, project administration, controlling and reporting. Concerning dissemination activities EICT develops and executes a detailed dissemination strategy, including the organisation of internationally renowned workshops such as EWSDN and special issues in scientific periodicals. Last but not least, EICT contributes and leads standardisation contributions, e.g. to IETF.

Further Reading

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Duration: November 2013 – April 2016
Coordinator: Ericsson Hungary
Partners: 16
Total budget: EUR 9,5 Million
Funding: Co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme with EUR 6,5 Million
URL: https://www.fp7-unify.eu/