Tomorrow’s Elastic, Adaptive Mobility

TEAM advances vehicle-2-x communication technologies by LTE integration and with an automotive cloud to support decentralised traffic applications. Taking these technologies into consideration, the project develops proactive algorithms to enable behavioural change to improve transportation networks. The mobility services take into account real-time needs of all users and provide real-time information independent of communication channel or device. TEAM leverages nomadic devices and in-vehicle systems to realise massively distributed collaborative control and optimisation concepts. The benefits will be illustrated via the Euro-EcoChallenge, a pan-European mobility test.

EICT supports Fraunhofer FOKUS in coordinating the TEAM project. EICT also leads all dissemination, standardisation and exploitation activities. Prior to project start, EICT co-developed the concept and plan of TEAM and assisted in building the project consortium.


Duration: 11.2012 – 10.2016

Budget: 17.5 M€ (thereof 11.1 M€ funding from the EU)

Partners: 27

Coordinator: Fraunhofer FOKUS