Analyse vehicle log data

The web based tool named StauAna is an example of EICT's agile tool development. EICT developed a web system which supports the researchers in their analysis. The idea for this system arose from the need to analyse a vast amount of log data in simTD.

With an agile and rapid development cycle, the tool was customised to suit the workflow of the researchers. In every step along the development the customer was involved. With quick feedback loops and a close observation on usability the tool now fulfills the exact requirements needed.


  • Automated import of log data
  • Automated processing of an on-line processing
  • Navigation through the data according to the needs of the researchers
  • Graphical display of aggregated data
  • Filer mechanism to include or exclude data groups
  • Link to external services to map geographical information
  • Quick export mechanism for external data analysis