Software Engineer

and/or Web Engineer

Since 2008, EICT has developed numerous IT tools. These IT tools help partners collaborating in projects. In the company's division "Collaborative Software Applications", we listen to partners and customers. If they have a problem or an in-efficient process, we sit with them and find solutions to improve the partner's situation. We develop the tools in an agile environment, so we always have close eye on the partner's needs.

Another uprising field of expertise is the development of demonstrators. We take a project's research and break it down so everybody can understand it. Together with the experts in the respective fields, we create a presentable demonstrator - no matter for which topic, automotive, IT, energy, ... This demonstrator can e.g. be a huge touch-screen, an ordinary poster or a specialized web application.

Since our IT team is not very big, we can act very flexible. There are no technologies set in stone. There is no process which must be followed. This can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. For you that means, you can learn a lot, but you also need to be eager to learn new technologies, frameworks and ways of doing things.

You will be working in a small team, which consists of all-rounders as well as specialists.
You will be creating software for real people and real-life problems. You will be learning from people who know their stuff - not only technically but also in social aspects and teaching.


  • University degree or technical collage degree (FH-Abschluss), not necessary completed yet
  • Excellent English


If you have three of the following skills, please send an application to us!

  • Programming knowledge in at least one object-oriented language
  • Programming with interpreted languages (e.g. Ruby, Python)
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS or similar
  • Experience with web frameworks (ideally Ruby on Rails)
  • Worked with database systems (e.g. mySQL)
  • Worked in an agile development environment
  • Experience with Linux administration
  • Used design software (ideally Adobe Creative Suite)


  • You can learn and improve on all the skills outlined above
  • Coaching by our experienced IT specialists
  • Flexible work hours 

Please send your application to We are looking forward to it.