Project Server

United collaboration platform

Most projects experience one problem at the very beginning: Collaboration in a distributed environment. The Project Server adresses this problem by giving the project members a platform which facilitates collaboration. The following tasks are supported:

  • Registration management - Who has access to the project information?
  • Document management - How does one share printable documents?
  • Information exchange - How can one work on a distributed knowledge base?
  • Time planning - When will things occur?
  • File sharing - How can one secure and apply revision control to our digital files?
  • Mailinglist management - How can one reach the other project members?
  • Website publishing - How can one provide externals with information about the projct?
  • Task management - Who is currently working on which task or which one is coming up?

Over the last few years, EICT developed its Project Server, therefore all the questions above can be answered with one single weblink. EICT combined a number of well-established software components and custom-developed tools. EICT does not only provide tools, but also overlooks the hosting of the actual server. With this convenient service the new project is capable of acting right away.