OpenFlow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications

OFELIA is a European project providing OpenFlow-based experimental facilities. The project created a unique experimental facility that allows researchers to not only experiment "on" a test network but also to control and extend the network itself precisely and dynamically. The OFELIA facility is based on OpenFlow, a currently emerging networking technology that allows virtualisation and control of the network environment through secure and standardised interfaces.

EICT coordinated OFELIA and managed the project from the administrative and the technical side. Within OFELIA, the project management team had the chance to conduct "Open Calls". This measure of the EC allows new partners to join the consortium at a later project stage. Aside from the administrative and management part, EICT also carried out development and research tasks in the area of Future Internet.


Duration: 09.2010 - 09.2013

Budget:  6.3 M€

Partners: 17

Coordinator: EICT

URL: www.fp7-ofelia.eu