Next Online Reporting Tool

EICT supports reporting activities from small to larger scale projects. In order to navigate the projects, the coordinators need sufficient information e.g. hours spent, risks identified and hours planned. Gathering and analysing those information is a demanding task - especially in larger projects. Doing it manually is practically impossible and is prone to include errors. Hence, EICT developed a web system which supports all steps necessary to create navigation reports for projects.

Project partners can enter their data into an online form. This is much more convenient than having to fill out Excel sheets with macros and formulas. In return, the management team can access real time information on the project plan, resource spending and risk analysis.


  • Project structure / organization
  • Status report collection (hours spent, resource usage, progress)
  • Risk analysis collection
  • Automatic e-Mail reminders
  • Microsoft Word report generator
  • Extensive analysis masks
  • Document management