accident avoidance by active intervention for Intelligent Vehicles

interactIVe developed advanced driver assistance systems for safer and efficient driving. interactIVe introduced safety systems that autonomously break and steer. The driver is continuously supported by the interactIVe assistance systems. It warns the driver when he/she is in a potentially, dangerous situations. The systems does not only react to driving situations, but is also able to actively intervene to protect passengers and road users. Seven demonstration vehicles– which consist of six passenger cars of different vehicle makers and one truck – were manufactured to test, and evaluate the next generation of safety systems.

EICT was in charge of the project management and supported Ford in coordinating the interactIVe project.
As communication manager EICT led the dissemination activities, and executed tasks such as providing informational media and organisation of project events.


Duration: 01.2011 – 11.2013

Budget: 30 M€

Partners: 29

Coordinator: Ford (Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe)