Tech Center a-drive receives official financial grant from MFW

| In February this year the FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik in Karlsruhe invited to an Open House during which also topics like Industry 4.0 and Mobility were discussed. read more

Tech Center a-drive started

| The advances of fully autonomous driving are impressive but the technology is still not sufficiently mature. Systems need to be developed that are better than the best human driver and that are fully reliable, for example in all weather conditions and during night.  read more

Time to act

| The world of mobility is changing rapidly. The digitalisation has raised new user needs and mobility modes. To address these societal challenges and trends, almost 300 high level representatives and decision makers from the European automotive industry, academia and the European Union joined the 2015 EUCAR annual conference in Brussels. read more

TEAM Business Modelling Workshop

| Representatives from all 28 partners of the European research project TEAM joined the Business Modelling workshop at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin. The workshop was designed, organised and moderated by EICT. The objective was to discuss business ideas and potential business models derived from the TEAM applications already at a very early stage in the project. read more

4th European Workshop on Software Defined Networks

| In close cooperation with the University of the Basque Country, and with the EU-funded projects UNIFY and FELIX as technical partners, EICT co-organises the 4th European Workshop on Software Defined Networks (EWSDN). It brings together both industry and academia on the topics of SDN. read more