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In 2008, the MÜNCHNER KREIS together with several industry and research partners initiated the long-term study “MÜNCHNER KREIS Future Study”. The goal is to leave the realm of pure research and help shape the future of ICT and media in society. This competition for positioning has always been characterized by attempts to reach a large clientele and to disseminate the results to decision-makers from the many sectors of society.

The initial years of the “Prospects and Opportunities of Information and Communication Technologies and Media” were characterized by in-depth professional discourse on a wide range of subjects, based on the Delphi method – a quantitative and qualitative surveys of experts. Enriched with the knowledge and experiences gained from the extensive results of the first three years of the project, a new focus for the upcoming Future Studies was developed. A change of perspective was made, setting the focus firmly on the human factor. The result was a model that places people - as users of ICT and media - at the center of the study, shifting the focus to the user’s perspective. By now, over more than 14,000 users from Germany, USA, Sweden, Brazil, China and South Korea have been interviewed through statistically representative surveys. The latest edition of the Future Study (2014) includes expert views to further explore the impact of digitalisation on the economy.

“MÜNCHNER KREIS Future Study” is seen as a project with outstanding outreach amongst decision-makers from industry, politics and academia. Therefore it was presented at key events like the annual National IT Summit or CeBIT. Amongst other partners, EICT belongs to the editorial board since the first release of the Future Study in 2008. Therefore, EICT is responsible for methodology, writing and editing as well as coordinating and organizing events, conferences and topic related workshops. Since November 2012, Tanja Kessel, Managing Director of EICT, is an elected Member of the Research Committee at MÜNCHNER KREIS.

The recent and 6th Future Study "Digitalisierung: Achillesferse der deutschen Wirtschaft?" reveals findings on the challenges of digital transformation in Germany. For this research, more than 500 experts were interviewed. On her keynote during the study presentation at the Munich Residenz in January 2015, EICT Managing Director Tanja Kessel spoke about the critical thematic areas for the German economy and the opportunity to create the "operating system" of the future through digitalisation. Even though there are challenges, the results of the study show that most experts expect a positive development in 5 to 10 years. The whole study is available on a website (in German only). 

All Future Studies can be downloaded here:

Volume I
Future of German Information and Communication technologies

Volume II
Prospects and and Opportunities of Information and Communication Technologies and Media – A Delphi survey

Volume III
Shaping Ideas to Shape the Future

Volume IV
Pictures of the Future in a Digital World

Volume V
Innovation domains in a digital world

Volume VI



Duration: continuously

Publisher: Münchner Kreis, EICT, Deutsche Telekom, Flughafen München, TNS Infratest, ZDF

URL: www.zukunft-ikt.de

EICT’s role

Project lead (with TNS Infratest), research concept and methods, coordination mobility topics, conferences