Smart Energy Systems

The thematic action line "Smart Energy Systems" of the EIT ICT Labs focuses on innovations in the domain of Smart Energy.

As the energy production moves from single source production by power plants to decentralized renewable sources, the application of information and communication technologies to the electricity infrastructure plays a key role in enabling the Smart Grid. In this transition process, user will have to be involved, thus helping to exploit the full potential by adapting to the ICT-integrated power grid.

This is why we involve smart users to make life easier and come up with technologies for optimizing energy efficiency. Furthermore, we aim to deploy ICT technologies in the energy domain enabling the future smart energy infrastructures and to accelerate implementation of results in daily life.

At EICT, the content-related coordination of the strong European network of partners from industry and research is performed as well as the assistance in the project management in order to create an optimal environment for knowledge generation and exchange.


Coordinator: Siemens AG, EICT

URL: www.eitictlabs.eu/innovation-areas/smart-energy-systems/