Central hub for your company

EICT exists for quite a few years now and due to many satisfied project partners, the company grew and grew. After several years of working with MS Excel sheets for procurement processes and vacation request, EICT decided to professionalize its processes. eiCompany is the product of this spring-cleaning. It manages all internal processes, starting with vacation followed by procurement to travel request & reporting.

Over the years eiCompany grew by adapting to the user requirements. Features were suggested by employees and the management team. Now, little - but annoying - tasks like writing your time sheet can now be accomplished in eiCompany. So employees have more time to focus on the actual work and controlling has all the numbers in one place.

On the technical side, eiCompany was structured in modules. In the core of the online system beats a highly adjustable and flexible framework. New features and processes can be added in a flash.


  • Time sheet collection & analysis
  • Action lists
  • Procurement process management
  • Vacation process management
  • Travel process management
  • Template / File organization
  • Auctioning system