Accelerate cooperative mobility

Funded with 12.4 M € by the European Commission, DRIVE C2X carried out a comprehensive assessment of cooperative systems through Field Operational Tests. Drawing on the results of the forerunner PRE-DRIVE C2X, the project utilised cooperative technologies at several European test sites. Namely: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. This created a combined European-wide testing environment for C2X technologies. The results of this large-scale testing environment are used to raise awareness among the general public; it provided feedback for standard organisations and for initiating public-private ventures.

EICT supported the project by providing management services. Examples are project reporting, coordination of meetings and internal communication. EICT additionally acted as sub-project leader, coordinating the dissemination efforts and promotion activities. Highlights were the organisation of test site events, the creation of a project identity and the design of give-away items. Additional information about the project can be found here: website.


01.2011 – 06.2014 (42 months)

Budget: € 18.5M

Partners: 33 full + 13 support

Coordinator: Daimler AG