EICT provides effective communication and campaigns for large multi-partner research projects. To ensure coherence and enhance impact, EICT provides a joint identity and a shared understanding on the project’s progress and achievements. The tailored project communication provides visibility and engages identified target groups, with the ultimate aim of deploying research results to the market.

Starting with a unique design and logo, EICT provides research projects with all the digital, audio-visual and printed media which are necessary to inform about project goals, progress and results. Drawing on a wide variety of formats - workshops, public events, games, conferences, presentations, road shows and press events, EICT successfully prepares the ground for roll-out of various technological innovations in the field of mobility, ICT and energy.


Promoting cooperative driving throughout Europe

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The EICT-led DRIVE C2X campaign “Making cooperative systems cooperate” that spanned from 2011-2014 has successfully prepared the ground for market introduction of cooperative technologies and applications. In addition to ensuring sound project communications, EICT also competently managed standardization activities and developed a set of solid business studies.

EICT started preparing the ground for C2X technolgy deployment with PRE-DRIVE C2X (2008-2009), continued in simTD (2011-2013) and concluded in DRIVE C2X (2011-2014). Having been responsible for communications in all three projects, EICT has clearly proven its capacity to steer communications in large mobility research projects.

For the campaign, EICT designed and organized a series of events featuring driving demonstrations, workshops, press conferences, panel discussions and exhibitions. The various dissemination means - videos, website, brochures – were tailor-made towards specific audiences, ensuring that campaign-targets were met. As a result, Europe-wide awareness of cooperative systems among stakeholders and potential future users has been raised, realistic business cases have been developed and ITS experts have agreed on an implementation strategy. Field trials across Europe have verified proper functioning of the C2X systems under real life conditions; and European-wide interoperability has been proven.files/services/Communications/Cooperative Driving Campaign/Achievements of cooperative driving campaign.png